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Nonprofit Leadership Alliance H. Roe Bartle Training Award:
A New Path to the BSA Community Organization Award

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About the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance H. Roe Bartle Training Award

The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance H. Roe Bartle Training Award is designed to recognize volunteer and professional Scouters who have earned the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance’s Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential in nonprofit management and leadership (or the former American Humanics Certificate). This award is named after H. Roe Bartle for his visionary leadership to develop an infrastructure to create a consistent pool of qualified, college-educated candidates to join the professional ranks of the Boy Scouts of America, among other youth-serving organizations, in 1948. It became clear that to sustain professional leadership in nonprofits, a hands-on training ground in America’s universities had to be created. Mr. Bartle’s vision inspired him to create the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (then known as American Humanics), a national alliance of colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations dedicated to strengthening the social sector with a talented, prepared workforce.

About H. Roe Bartle

H. Roe Bartle was very involved in Scouting for the vast majority of his life. He began his professional Scouting career at age 21 as Scout Executive for the newly formed Cheyenne Council. The council covered the entire State of Wyoming, and was based out of Casper, Wyoming.

In 1928, Bartle became the Scout Executive for the Kansas City Area Council in Kansas City, Missouri, and served in that role for 27 years until his retirement in 1955. In later years he donated his salary back to the council each year to be used to further the cause of Scouting. He created the Tribe of Mic-O-Say honor society in Saint Joseph, Missouri in 1925, the seeds of the program dating back to 1922 when he was in Wyoming. He created a second Tribe in Kansas City in 1929 after he transferred there. These two chapters of Mic-O-Say have continued as strong active groups. In Missouri, the Boy Scout camp at Osceola, Missouri is named the H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation in his honor.

For nearly thirty years, the Chief, as he was often called, led the Kansas City Area Council, now the Heart of America Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Having also served two terms as Mayor of Kansas City, it is no coincidence that the Kansas City Chiefs have their name.