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Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) national credential

The new Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) national credential is authorized for all certified alumni of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, regardless of certification date.

Alumni can display the credential right after their name like they would for any academic or professional credential. (Example: Jane Doe, CNP)

Nationwide, there are more than 3,200 students pursuing their CNPs who are eager to graduate, start nonprofit careers and join the ranks of 9,000 other CNPs who have risen to some of the highest nonprofit leadership positions in the country.

According to our alumni, earning the CNP has given them a competitive edge over their peers. They have a stronger education, developed better skills and experiences, and have had more opportunities to network and serve with leaders in their communities. In short, they are more attractive to employers.

For example, they can manage a program, lead staff, recruit volunteers and run a fundraising campaign. While their peers are still learning “on the job,” CNPs are ready to go from day one.

They are also positive forces for good in their communities, putting their alma mater's’ “best face forward” and representing their campus’ highest values.

How do I Use the CNP?