Our Shared Value

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It is fair to say that the nonprofit sector was born from adversity. It was from the volcano of social injustice that millions of organizations poured into the world to answer the call – if not to provide a solution, at least to provide a resolution: we will not sit idly.

Our diverse missions do not always allow us to stand together. Some define the nonprofit sector as a loose collection of organizations – each focused narrowly on our own implementation, our own need for resources. But with adversity comes resolve. What I have seen over the last two weeks is not a group of disparate missions – but a union, an alliance of organizations and individuals who have stated, unequivocally, hate has no home here.

I am proud of our campus and workforce partners who have stood tall and spoken loudly against what I am sure will not be the last injustice facing our community. Although other adversity will come – as it always does, I am confident that today is a new day. We now recognize that, although we have many mission areas and many philosophies, we have a shared value of social justice that unites us all. And, together, our voice cannot be ignored.

Susan Tomlinson Schmidt, CNP

President, Nonprofit Leadership Alliance