Come back soon for more information on AMI 2018 Awards. 
The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is proud to present four national awards this year:

1. Campus Program Excellence Awardaward
2. CNP of the Year Award, sponsored by the Association of Certified Nonprofit Professionals
3. Student Leader of the Year Award
4. Mutual of America Nonprofit Partner of the Year Award

The Alliance awards are designed to recognize and showcase Alliance students, faculty, CNPs and nonprofit organizations who exemplify best practices in nonprofit management and professional development.

All award nominees will be reviewed by a national awards selection committee composed of Alliance partners, including campus faculty, CNPs, workforce partners, board members and AMI sponsors. The committee will evaluate award nominees based on specific criteria outlined for each award. All award winners will be selected and notified confidentially prior to AMI. Public announcement of award winners will take place at AMI 2017 in Denver, Colorado on January 5, 2017.

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CNP, Student and Nonprofit Awards

2017 Awards Application Guidelines

Campus Program Excellence Award

Click here to learn about the Campus Star Program and eligibility to apply for the award.
*Campuses eligible for the program excellence award were notified in September and sent a separate awards packet.