New Course on Effective Staff Supervision

New Course: Effective Supervision

You performed…you got promoted. Fantastic! Except…

As you enjoy the view from your new height of responsibility, answer this question: what’s the one thing most likely to bring you right back down to earth? As any veteran manager will tell you, it’s the new challenge of engaging and leading a team that you must position to deliver.

Here on your new managerial mountaintop, the path can be perilous – the landscape ahead is filled with organizational, interpersonal and even legal pitfalls. Many of us fantasize that managing others is common sense, or something we can pick up along the way: surely years of watching our own supervisors succeed or fail has prepared us to lead, right?

Nothing could be further from the truth!

New supervisors frequently discover they don’t know what they need to know (or, even worse, they never realize how little they know!). The potential consequences? Poor morale, disengaged employees, high turnover and even the risk of lawsuits. And as those supervisors get busy Googling “staff engagement strategies,” their team is either floundering, fleeing, or falling off the proverbial cliff.

Far too many nonprofits make the mistake of assigning staff to manage others without also providing the training and resources they need to succeed. If your nonprofit is one of those (ahem!), you should consider Effective Staff Supervision – the 8-week course that will smooth the ups and downs of your mountainous path ahead.

Begin by exploring the art and science behind effective supervision. Then dive into the tactics of effective hiring, monitoring and management strategies. Continue with segments that push your leadership capacity to a whole new peak…reveal your unique style…and leverage your best assets for building a cohesive, high-performing team. Eight weeks later, you will have the strategies and knowledge needed to be a great mountaineer – er, manager.

The course’s dynamic, engaging online platform will facilitate your interaction with both facilitator and your peers. Among the critical skills that will benefit you today – and for the rest of your career:

  • Understanding the legal framework, ensuring your organization is not at risk.
  • Learning about both personal and structural bias – and how to create teams with diverse strengths, skills, and backgrounds.
  • Learning how to make a seamless transition from individual contributor to supervisor.
  • Gaining strategies for how to develop a team that is focused, engaged and productive.
  • Assessing your own communications and leadership style – and developing a plan that outlines your path to success.
  • And so much more!

It also great for experienced supervisors looking for a refresher.

The next course starts September 24, 2018. Space is limited, so register today.

Are you a member of the Alliance network (current student, CNP, workforce or campus partner)? Great – use the code “Alliance20” to save 20% off the course. If you are not sure, send us an email and we will verify.



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