Advanced Track

A fast-track designed for professionals with significant experience in the social sector.

Get the credit you deserve.

The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance knows the skills that hiring managers want to find. The Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) Advanced Track provides an independent, on-demand study and exam process. This track is specifically designed for those who want to add a nationally recognized credential to a distinguished resume of more than eight years of professional experience in the social sector. Most professionals who have participated in regular professional development and successfully progressed in positions with usual promotions will be able to successfully pass the CNP exam with a minimal review of the study guide.

What does the Advanced Track cost?

Learners pay a fee of $875. This includes access to the independent study guide, student profile portal and the opportunity to take the exam up to two times. Learners must pass the exam to be awarded the CNP credential. Once the learner passes, the CNP digital badge and blockchain certificate are also included.

What does it take to earn a CNP?

When you earn your CNP, you will be part of a global network of professionals leading teams that make our world better. Every person who wears a CNP badge meets five requirements. Hover over each icon to learn more. 

You’ll need volunteer service to earn a nonprofit leadership certificate on the workforce track. Volunteer Service
Demonstrate nonprofit knowledge and skills when gaining your nonprofit leadership certificate. Professional Experience
Attend conferences to demonstrate leadership development while earning your nonprofit leadership certificate. Nonprofit Knowledge and Skills
General learning is necessary to participate in the global economy and democracy, making it necessary for earning a nonprofit leadership certificate. Leadership Development
General learning is necessary to participate in the global economy and democracy, making it necessary for earning a nonprofit leadership certificate. General Learning

What can you expect?


After submitting your application, you’ll be granted access to the CNP Study Guide and Exam for 90 days. You can sit for the exam when you feel prepared.

Nationally Recognized Credential

The Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential is the only one of its kind. CNPs are seven times more likely to rise to leadership in their organizations. Our unique blend of education and experience means you will perform better in your job. And adding a CNP to your resume means employers will know it too!

Association of CNPs (ACNP)

A professional group for all CNP credential holders. The ACNP supports the programs and operations of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance with activities to enhance career development, networking and community engagement of CNPs around the country.

Life-long Learning

CNPs are always included in our professional development opportunities. We offer frequent virtual events that showcase national experts addressing topics for the modern professional. The Leaderosity Library is also an excellent on-demand resource for continued training.

Get the credit you deserve.

Advanced Track Program Outline

Ariel Kaylor, CNP

Meet our CNP Program Manager!

Have some questions? Schedule a meeting with Ariel personally!
Logan participated in the CNP Advanced Track program and found it led him to a fulfilling career.

"[Nonprofit Leadership Alliance] helped me forge the strong connections that ultimately led me to my fulfilling career."

Logan Heggemann, CNP

Genelle found the connections she made in the CNP Advanced Track program led her to her future career.

"You never know who is watching and often the connections you make while working towards your CNP will lead to a future career."

Genelle Monger, CNP