AMI Consulting Day

AMI Consulting Day allows attendees to actively address real issues facing nonprofit organizations, work collaboratively to determine solutions and provide service to the host city. A group of ten university student consultants will examine an issue facing a nonprofit organization and offer ideas and solutions for the issue. Host sites receive access to innovation and creativity of young professionals who have studied nonprofit management, have completed internships and/or are working in the sector, and are passionate about nonprofit work and improving communities. Past presentations by these groups have kick-started new initiatives and revamped current programs of participating nonprofits.


AMI Consulting Day is a tremendous opportunity for selected organizations to host a group of student consultants who will address a critical issue facing the organization. Applicants are able to select from sample proposals that include many common issues facing nonprofit organizations (volunteer engagement and recruitment, millennial engagement, social media strategy, etc.). Applicants are also able to select an issue that is unique to their organization or situation. 
Recruitment begins now – applications are due September 30, 2017.





Hear from Big Brothers Big Sisters, a host site at AMI 2016 Houston:

I was so impressed by the outcomes of this case study. I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the ideas, the knowledge of the students, and their ability to grasp some complex issues and limitations in such a short amount of time. What a great experience for our agency. We are excited to start implementing some of the ideas, and look forward to seeing the lasting effects of some of the incredible ideas that were presented to us.

case study group pic

                                               Consulting team from the AMI Consulting Day 2017 in Denver.