AMI Poster Session

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The Poster Session at the Alliance Management Institute (AMI) allows students to showcase a best practice from their campus Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Student Association or research conducted in one or more of the Alliance competency areas. Recognition will be awarded at AMI in three categories: 1) Best Practices Representing the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Student Association, 2) Undergraduate Student Research and 3) Graduate Student Research. First, second, and third place awards will be presented in each category.


2017 Poster Submissions

Undergraduate Research

Connecting Positive Program Evaluation Results to Increased Nonprofit Organizational Efficacy to Achieve Fundraising Goals — Leah Salmon | Indiana State University Best Practices of Research at UNI — Megan Capek, Cheyene Robertson, Kody Gafkjen | University of Northern Iowa
Code of Ethics for the Cobb Community Service Board (CSB) Tod W. Citron Foundation: An Applied Research Project — Moriah Lane, Clara Klauder, Samantha Klauder | Kennesaw State University Is Two Really Better Than One? — Talon Hicken, Collette Brennan, Katrina Skidmore, Jacquelyn Christensen, Hanna Buswell | Brigham Young University
Student Philanthropy & Strategic Planning at Kennesaw State University: An Applied Research Project — Sydney Faye Williams | Kennesaw State University Traits of Servant Leaders and Stakeholder’s Satisfaction — Uolanda Davis-Campbell | Eastern Michigan University
The Role of NGOs in Democracy Building in Malaysia — Emily Johnson | University of Houston Impact Assessment: Collaboration between Grantmakers and Grantseekers — Kylie Ennis, Emilee Bell, Maria Stoddard, Summer Shepherd | Brigham Young University
The Backbone of Missoula Nonprofits: Donors — Sophie Hainline, Hannah Zuraff, John Walker | University of Montana Developing Advocacy Strategies: An Applied Research Project for The Brian Jordan Foundation — Shicara Gravitt, Sydney Scruggs | Kennesaw State University
Addressing Teen Issues in the Cedar Valley — Alyona Strohbehn, Madeline Davidson, Nadir Khan | University of Northern Iowa Northeast Iowa Food Bank — Varina Timothy, Niccole Giberson, Megan Delp, Callie Brimeyer | University of Northern Iowa
Effects of Paid Internships on Recruitment and Performance — Shehreen Iqtadar, Shelby Yates, Elizabeth Godwin, Abby Brooks | University of Northern Iowa

Graduate Research

What Does Love Have To Do with It? Embracing Your Value and Articulating a Value Proposition that Propels Your Life and Career — Karen Jackson | Wright State University Main Campus

Best Practices

Social Innovation: The Future of Nonprofit Organizations — Alexandra Resney, Denise Baker, Nicole Guilott, Stephane Akoki, Sarah Curry | Brigham Young University Week of Community Engagement — Sabrina Brant | Georgia College and State University
Mind Over Mission — Cameron Hodges, Shanelle Applegarth, Katie Flynn | Brigham Young University Adopting a Nonprofit — Paige Blanchard, Tailer Varud | University of North Dakota
Pushing Past Barriers: How Nonprofits Cross Cultures — Traeden Wilson, Kimberly Billin, Amanda Taylor, Brandon Garcia | Brigham Young University A Learning Campaign — Lindsay Zapata, Matthew Hill | Arizona State University
Human Centered Design — Brett Bartholomew, David Allsop, Cassie Vance, Josh Palmer, Rachel McAllister | Brigham Young University Transforming Bikes into Likes: Using Images and Video to Advertise on Social Media — Austin Taylor, Megan Bahr, Derek Driggs, Nicole Utley | Brigham Young University
Recruitment Experiences and Future Directions of Indiana State University’s Nonprofit Leadership Student Association — Merritt Johnson, Alyssa Hess, Lauren LaDow, Karlie McGee, Khari Jones, Wyatt Lawson, Katie Lugar, Dr. Nathan A. Schaumleffel | Indiana State University Best Practices in Leveraging Collaboration and Social Media to Boost Organizational Membership — Ashley Matheson, Briana Butler, Daniela Caspio, Brooke Ramsey, Corrine Taylor | University of South Carolina Upstate
Powerful Interactions: BYU Nonprofit Management Student Association Internship Fair — Riley Wells, Brooke Tobler, Rachel Murphy, Evelyn Munoz, Makenzie Haynes | Brigham Young University  

2017 Criteria for PowerPoint Posters

Poster Requirements

  • Posters must be created and presented using Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Posters must address the criteria (including the required headings) listed below.
  • Students will give a 5-minute oral presentation for their poster on January 4, 2017 (times will be assigned).
  • See below for Poster Judging Rubrics for Best Practices, Undergraduate Research, and Graduate Research. 

Best Practices in a Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Student Association

The PowerPoint poster content and presentation must:

  • Represent a single project, activity or event that was organized by a group of Nonprofit Leadership Alliance students;
  • Address a minimum of two (2) Alliance competencies;
  • Demonstrate how the project contributed to specific student learning outcomes in each competency area presented;
  • Illustrate collaborative efforts with other constituents/stakeholders;
  • Show overall impact of activity in meeting Student Association goals; and
  • Demonstrate a detailed understanding of the project and its outcomes.

Include the following headings:

  • Title
  • Project goals/objectives
  • Project outcomes
  • Student activities
  • Competencies addressed
  • Student outcomes
  • Project/Activity impact

Best Practices Scoring Rubric

Undergraduate or Graduate Study Research

The PowerPoint poster content and presentation must:

  • Address a research or practice question or applied research project aligned with one or more Alliance Competencies;
  • Include at minimum a summary of the related scholarly literature, the research methods used, key findings and results, analysis and implications for research and practice.
  • Incorporate a minimum of five (5) (for undergraduate) or a minimum of ten (10) (for graduate) books and/or peer-reviewed articles;

Include the following headings:

  • Title
  • Research question
  • Literature
  • Research Method
  • Findings/results/Analysis
  • Implications for Research and Practice

Undergraduate Research Scoring Rubric
Graduate Research Scoring Rubric

Oral Presentations

  • Students will present their PowerPoint poster in front of a panel of judges.
  • A projector and screen will be provided at AMI.
  • More details regarding presentation room and schedules will be sent to participants after registering their posters.
  • Oral presentations must last no longer than 5 minutes and must demonstrate professionalism in dress, display and content.

NEW:  Posters will be created and presented in Microsoft PowerPoint.