The CNP Credential: Workforce Track

The Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential is a proven leadership development program that has been offered for nearly 70 years in conjunction with degree or graduate programs.  The new “Workforce Track” is a dynamic online learning platform that was built for emerging leaders working in the nonprofit sector (or those interested in switching from government or corporate sectors). It has the same core requirements and learning outcomes as the traditional programs, but is offered completely online at a low cost.

Tuition/Fees Course Descriptions
Core Requirements Course Offerings
Online Recognition Testimonials

Tuition/Fees to Earn the CNP Credential

  • Entire program = $2,725 (includes all tuition and fees)*
  • Per course fee = $300 (students selecting this option must pay for enrollment, credentialing and conference fees separately)
  • Enrollment fee (required during first course) = $25
  • Registration for Alliance Management Institute = $385 in-person conference / $200 virtual conference
  • Credentialing fee = $100

*Includes eight courses, all student fees, and one registration for the virtual Alliance Management Institute

Tuition is eligible for the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award. For more information about how to use your award, email the Alliance.

*Alliance workforce partners receive a 20% discount on tuition. To take advantage of the discount, indicate on the online interest form that you are currently employed by an Alliance workforce partner.

Five Core Requirements of the CNP

  1. Bachelor’s Degree (Prerequisite): Students must have a minimum of a baccalaureate degree to enroll in the CNP Workforce Track program.
  2. Professional experience (Prerequisite): A record of professional experience evidenced through one of the following:
    • One year of full-time employment at a nonprofit organization; or
    • Three years of extensive, professional capacity volunteer experience with a nonprofit organization; or
    • Five years of experience as a nonprofit organizations consultant; or
    • A 300-hour proctored internship with a nonprofit organization; or
    • One year service year experience with a nonprofit organization; or
    • Three years of professional experience (no nonprofit or related experience) (Internship at Alliance Nonprofit Workforce Partner required before credential is conferred).
  3. Coursework: Successful completion of eight online courses
    • Workforce Track participants may “test out” of any or all of the courses by passing the appropriate challenge exam. Click here to learn more about challenge exams.
    • Earned national credentials may be used to meet relevant course requirements (i.e. CFRE covers the Nonprofit Fundraising and Resource Development course)
    • Successful completion of a course includes receiving an 80% grade or higher
  4. Leadership and service activities: Record of participation in a minimum of one volunteer leadership/service activity at a nonprofit organization within the past five years. Examples of qualifying activities include:
    • One year of service on a board of directors.
    • One year of service in a volunteer leadership role (e.g., board committee, fundraising event, sorority or fraternity or other student association, civic organizations, political campaign, religious institution, political appointment, professional association).
    • Long-term volunteer commitment (6+ months regular activity at the same organization).
    • One year service year experience at a nonprofit organization.
  5. National conference: Attendance at one Alliance Management Institute (virtual option available).

Get Recognized as a Leader


As you complete each online course, you will earn an e-Certificate that you may upload to LinkedIn and other digital platforms. These third-party-verified digital badges clearly communicate your proficiency in the content matter.

Learn more about our digital recognition program.

Join the Largest Nonprofit Talent Pipeline in the U.S.

Upon enrollment of the program, CNPs have exclusive access to the Alliance’s employment matching services and the Alliance network. Upon program completion, CNPs receive free  membership in the Association of CNPs.

About the Credential

CNP The CNP credential (or its predecessor – the American Humanics certificate) has been offered since 1948 through the Alliance’s network of colleges and universities. Today, thousands of students are enrolled in one of the Alliance’s 37 campus programs. These programs are offered in conjunction with an undergraduate degree or minor – or a graduate degree or certificate. If you are interested in finding a traditional campus program, click here.

Description of Courses

To be eligible for the CNP credential, students must successfully complete the entire eight-course program and meet the other core requirements. Those interested in earning specific e-Certificates may register for individual courses. All eight courses will be offered one or more times during a 12-month period.
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Management and Leadership of the Nonprofit Sector


  • Highlights the history, contributions, and unique characteristics of the nonprofit sector and its management. The session includes basic laws, regulations and professional standards that govern nonprofit sector operations, including a basic knowledge of risk and crisis management, ethics and decision-making. This course also includes human resource basics, including how to recruit and retain top talent.
  • Critical skill obtained: Participants will create a mission statement and employee recruitment strategy for a nonprofit organization.
  • After successful completion of this course, participants earn the Alliance Foundations of Nonprofit Management e-Certificate. 

Nonprofit Marketing and Communications


  • Highlights knowledge and activities that nonprofit organizations use to understand, inform and influence their various constituencies.
  • Critical skill obtained: Participants will develop a marketing/communications plan for a nonprofit organization.
  • After successful completion of this course, participants earn the Alliance Nonprofit Marketing and Communications e-Certificate. 

Nonprofit Fundraising and Resource Development

  • Highlights structure and responsibilities of the development function within nonprofit organizations.
  • Critical skill obtained: Participants will create a development plan outline that includes multiple fundraising strategies.
  • After successful completion of this course, participants earn the Alliance Fundraising and Resource Development e-Certificate. 

Cultural Competency and Diversity

  • Highlights the development of cultural competency preparation for professional practice in culturally diverse settings.
  • Critical skill obtained: Participants will take a personal assessment that will help identify their assets and learning needs related to intercultural communication and cultural competency.
  • After successful completion of this course, participants earn the Alliance Cultural Competency and Diversity e-Certificate. 

Nonprofit Budgeting and Financial Management

  • Highlights budgeting, financial management, control and transparency in nonprofit organizations.
  • Critical skill obtained: Participants will develop a line-item budget for a nonprofit organization.
  • After successful completion of this course, participants earn the Alliance Nonprofit Financial Management e-Certificate. 

Nonprofit Governance and Volunteer Management

  • Highlights the stewardship and advocacy roles, responsibilities and leadership of the board of directors and volunteers in the development of policies, procedures, and processes by
    which nonprofits operate and are held accountable. Also includes knowledge, skills, and techniques for managing volunteers at a nonprofit organization.
  • Critical skill obtained: Participants will construct a board and volunteer recruitment strategy for a nonprofit organization.
  • After successful completion of this course, participants earn the Alliance Nonprofit Governance and Volunteer Management e-Certificate. 

Designing Nonprofit Programs for Long-term Sustainability

  • Highlights program design, implementation and evaluation strategies applicable to all nonprofit organizations.
  • Critical skill obtained: Participants will create a logic model for a nonprofit organization.
  • After successful completion of this course, participants earn the Alliance Nonprofit Program Design e-Certificate. 

Nonprofit Trends and Innovation

  • Highlights the dynamic nature of the nonprofit sector, the importance of continuous improvement, emerging trends and innovations and the critical role research plays in
    shaping best practices.
  • Critical skill obtained: Participants will design a social enterprise business plan that enables an organization to both generate revenue and achieve programmatic goals.
  • After successful completion of this course, participants earn the Alliance Nonprofit Trends and Innovation e-Certificate. 

Course Offerings

Three of the Alliance’s campus partners, Arizona State University, Madison College and Western Carolina University, offer the courses for the Workforce Track. Each campus offers the same set of eight courses, which have the same structure, assignments and learning outcomes. All courses are assessed through weekly writing assignments, a written artifact, and a final exam. Students have the choice on their campus partner (all courses are completed at that same institution). The Western Carolina University program is open to students in the North Carolina area who are able to attend a face-to-face workshop the first day of the course.

Complete the CNP Workforce Track Interest Form or Contact Us to be connected to a program offering that meets your needs.


Learner Testimonials

The CNP Workforce Track has been a great experience. What I especially love about the program is the feasibility of completing the courses while working full-time. The course workload and structure make it manageable to balance alongside my job. What sets the CNP Workforce Track apart from other online programs is how connected you feel to a community of other learners and how accessible the course facilitator is – this is a crucial aspect of any online program and something the CNP Workforce Track does a good job of providing.
-Kylie Nealis, CNP, National Organizer, Fair Trade Colleges & Universities

IMG_20151111_210917-1 (2) The CNP online courses are laying a solid foundation so I can confidently operate in the nonprofit sector. The program has equipped me with the knowledge to think outside the box when it comes to nonprofits.
-Edwin Henderson, Central Region Service Platoon Specialist, The Mission Continues
feslerphoto As a career-transitioning military veteran, the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance’s Certified Nonprofit Professional credential will give me the knowledge to advance in my field, and help to set me apart in this growing and increasingly more competitive career sector.
-Jeannine Fesler, Consultant, Armed Services Arts Partnership
The instructors were great, they made the learning process smooth for me as all course goals, expectations were set and feedback was timely. I loved the idea of the virtual career conference- that was really on point and helpful! The program was well thought out with a lot of learning from real time events. Job well done!”
-Flavia Davids, CNP, Director of Human Resources, Volunteers of America Alaska
11227576_10152983618902011_2206191647520389546_n The Certified Nonprofit Professional program gives you the ability to learn about different areas of a nonprofit organization. The courses are easy to follow – they are challenging but in a good way. They will provide you with a great understanding of nonprofit organizations, and you will be able to interact with students from different and diverse backgrounds.
-Matt Wolding, CNP, Fellowship Program Coordinator, The Mission Continues


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