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Nonprofit Professional Development | Resources for Success

As a nonprofit professional, you know how important it is to continue learning about the field through educational resources. Due to the growth of and advancement in technology, frequently changing […]

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Learning Management System for Nonprofits: A Complete Guide

Education is a key element of the services that organizations provide to their communities. Learn how a learning management system for nonprofits can help.

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Can I Change the World?

Written by Alondra AyalaAugust 12, 2020 | 3 min. read  The decision to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector comes from a strong desire to change the world. The desire stems […]

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What Does Inclusion Really Mean?

Written by David LeFebvreAugust 5, 2020 | 4 min. read  In our world, we talk about inclusion, especially related to diversity and equity. We need to be more inclusive. How inclusive is our […]

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What Did You Learn Today?

Once you stop learning, you start dying.

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Maybe You Won’t Get Invited Back

When my sons were little and I was dropping them off at a friend’s house, my last caution was always, “Now be on your best behavior and maybe you will […]

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Welcome to Remote Working

Remote working can become a breeding ground for worries … Managers worrying that they don’t have a sense of what their staff members are doing. Employees worrying that their managers think they are doing laundry instead of working. Everyone worrying about the disruption and chaos that has become their new normal. (Not to mention those of us worrying about not having enough toilet paper!)

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Moving In-Person Trainings to a Virtual Space

Questions and Considerations We have already signed a contract with a venue. How do we get out of that? In our experience, hotels and other event venues are willing to […]

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A College Student’s Guide to the Coronavirus

Move to Virtual Meetings  If your school has not limited contact and/or gone to a virtual environment, use best practices when gathering, including avoiding personal contact. There are many free […]

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