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What is a Changemaker?

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Written by Miles BilkaReading Time: 2 minutes You’ve been seeing the word “Changemaker” a lot from us recently, but you might be asking yourself what does it really mean? Simply put, a changemaker is someone who has a desire to make a change. Have you set your mind on tackling problems in your local community? Then […]

We Have a Pit Bull Problem.

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Written by Susan Tomlinson Schmidt, CNPReading Time: 2 minutes When I was first getting into nonprofit work, I had a friend who thought I was a full-time volunteer. He was a corporate bank executive and didn’t understand what we do in the nonprofit sector. It’s 25 years later and I still see him on occasion. He […]

So, you want to stand out from the crowd?

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Written by Katie Rossman, MPA, CNPReading Time: 2 minutes Congratulations, you are a CNP! You just earned the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential and now you must be wondering “How does the CNP make me more employable?” or “How do I get employers to understand what the CNP is?”. These, plus many others, were questions […]